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Benchmarking Reports & Data Submittal Sites

Benchmarking Reports and Data Submittal Sites

Vizient MidSouth offers several benchmarking reports based on member needs and requests. Below is a brief description of our current reports:

CFO Monthly Financial Indicators
Created by Vizient MidSouth's CFO Council, this monthly report benchmarks on 15 key performance indicators including operating margin, days cash on hand, debt service coverage ratio and days in A/R.
Collaborative Reports
Collaborative participants identify and report on one or more key metrics. These collaborative reports serve as a mechanism to benchmark, track success and identify top performers.
  • Blood Management
  • Palliative Care
  • Readmissions
ED Throughput
As part of our ongoing throughput efforts, many of Vizient MidSouth member hospitals are benchmarking key throughput indicators including door to physician, door to discharge and door to admission. This quarterly report allows the ED council and other key councils to determine areas of opportunity for throughput improvement.
Human Resources Quarterly Report
Created by members of the Vizient MidSouth Human Resources Council, this report allows members to compare and trend their key human resources metrics. Examples include turnover rates, medical coverage cost and RN specific metrics.
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