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Trustee Institute

Trustee Institute

May 2-4, 2018 — Amelia Island, Florida

Attend the Vizient MidSouth 2018 Trustee Institute to hear compelling speakers, to dialogue with peers and to learn new insights.

Participants will learn how to:
  • Describe the most recent and potential upcoming federal regulatory and legislative developments affecting health care providers and the impact these developments may have on our MidSouth members and their missions, as well as potential measures our members could take to help mitigate any negative impacts resulting from these actions.
  • Explain the current trends occurring in health care mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations, how these trends could impact our members, and what strategies they should consider to adapt and thrive in this environment.
  • Identify root causes of the opioid epidemic and provide practical approaches, guidelines, and practices for implementing sustainable changes in our member organizations and their communities that will address and mitigate the continued abuse of opioids.
  • Define the social determinants of health, describe why they are a major key to achieving total health, and provide examples how health care providers can address this issue to achieve the triple aim in health care.
  • Identify and describe examples of disruptive innovation, the changes that are most likely to disrupt providers, and how providers must also become innovators in order to remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing health care environment.
  • Demonstrate how venture capital entities view and assess the current health care industry, how our members can learn from their unique perspectives, and ultimately use this knowledge to transform the role our member organizations play in the health of their communities.

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